Fit-fetti waffles


Discover our Fit fetti waffles: protein waffles filled with delicious pieces of Fit fetti, all served with a vanilla protein glaze. A nutritious and gourmet breakfast to start the day in style.

Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts

  • 100% fresh and handmade
  • Delivered anywhere in Quebec

100% fresh and handmade

Discover our meals prepared by hand with love and absolute freshness. Each dish is made from carefully selected ingredients, prepared in our kitchen with meticulous attention. Savor every bite knowing that our meals are tailor-made for you, with unparalleled quality.

100% fresh handmade meals

Delivered anywhere in Quebec

Enjoy our delicious meals wherever you are in Quebec and in certain regions of Ontario thanks to our partnerships with reliable delivery companies. Enjoy the convenience of having freshly prepared, great-tasting meals delivered right to your door.

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